Poles Apart round up

• Another Afternoon
• The Pressure (formerly Papio and Burning Oak)
• Fierce, the Fallow Foe
• Knowing Where We're Going
• Fact Follows Fiction

Still on blocks:
• Out the Window - need to strip out the intro, but keep underlying horn and mtron. Also, vocals need to come up and be more clear.
• Digging Through Dirt - mixdown existing and shred it for a new foundation
• Grasping at Straws - full frontal vocal attack monkeys must needs be unleashed.
• Thaw Gains Momentum - i want to get into this one; it SOUNDS SOOO GOOD right now! all roy!

There are two more, thursday and Try this, which (desoite having the most creative of titles) I'm really on the fence about. They sound nice and I can really get into them, but they are probably not going to progress much further. They will most likely sit on the back burner and wait for our 25 year retrospective blu-ray disc with far too many extras.

* not mastered, but finished writing/recording

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