Poles Apart - Grasping At Straws

Right Click and jam on it.

Graping at straws is one of those that was troublesome. Previous versions were an orgy of tracks that either didn't play through or left nowehere to go. So it was mixex down and left to be the basis for a new session.

It took me some months to get back to this one, but the time away proved fruitful. The instrumental and vocal additions were just ujnder the surface.

Notice the 3tracks of whistling (mix down a few dB?). I puckered up as a last ditch filler in between the last verse and the ending chorus. i wanted to use my toy wooden flutes (two of them! i even had them both going at the same time with both hands!) but alas, they weren't in tune. it was fun pretending to be a gelfling anyway. [did i just type that? i'll hear about that later, i'm sure].

I think that this one needs some tender lovin' care from Roy. my beats are rudimentary and my arrangement of them is trivial. I also kind of sound like him on the beginning verses. that's funny to me.

lyrically.... feh. more trite john hughes stuff:

I don't know if I should give a reason
I don't know if you're still friends
All i know is that the last time he was leaving
you missed the exclamation point at the end.

If you think that I'm unreasonable
you are not paying attention
Watching you is like a daydream that i can't control
half the fun is my intention

The reason is spaces are hard
to fill up with a whole in your heart


good to be back singing again (as you can tell, since i tend to get carried away. i guess it's my thing right now).
enjoy, perhaps.


Poles Apart - Out The Window

Out The Window

Me thinks this might be close to being finished. There is still some noise on some live instrument tracks that bothers me.

The intro was shaved off per the duscussion below.
i removed some of the reverb (how could i tell? there is still alot there!) to bring the vocals to the forefront a little better.
still one of the more mellow songs that roy and i have done.

I think the lyrics mean more to me than they show. When I listen to it, i tend to think visually of the sidewalk at Franklin and Person where it's always so freaking hot when i walk home and the car exhaust feels like it's teaming up with the humidity to suffocate me and you can see me (if you watch) pick up the pace because i need to get home as soon as possible to take my medicine; and it all feels a little futile when i get home, because i've taken this walk and a walk everyday in order to get better and maybe i won't need the medicine anymore, but the weather just keeps getting hotter and it all feels so heavy on my chest - both literally and figuratively.

{Maybe in five years, i'll read the above and take a closer listen to this song.}

Roy's moving right now and has been a little busy with that. There might be additions/subtractions later if needs be.

Onlooker - Follow Me Down

delayed 07/23 post
New mix by Travis

I recorded some banjo* to replace the linear acoustic part during the second chorus. Then I added some harsh banjo strumming to the space out. Oh yeah, i then thought I'd try out one of the mic's travis shipped (so generously) to raleigh. Because i am mostly lazy but also eager to get beyond setup and into recording, i chose little Teaball mic - it's a condensor inside a teaball with a 1/4" plug in the back. I pressed it up against my throat to get some tonal groans (how else to explain that?) - these also take place during the space out; travis was wize enough to keep them simple and mix out most of their annoying repetitious line, to the benefit of the part. I can't tell if he likes it when i fool around and send him stuff like that. I wonder if he thinks "what the -? okay brandon, whatever" only to create something worthwhile out of it.

The acoustic guitar(s) and the porch rainfall were recorded through an mxl 990 and an ART mic-pre. The synths and electric guitars where all sent through my LabSeries L7 (not at the same time) and recorded with a cheap-o 57 look alike.
Don't remember what i recorded the vocals with (i had my eyes closed!) - probably the CAD that travis sent down.

I love the way travis mixed the vocals here. The placement and levels on the second verse make it sound like there's a third middle harmony that is added - there is actually only a doubled lower harmony added and a reverbed double of the melody buried in there.

After i sent it to travis, he jumped right on it and mixed it correctly. He also did some tweaking to the vocals. Overall i think it's a huge improvement on the last version.

* standard G tuning - stripped the peg on the drone as i was tuning that, so the 5 is now a 4 string, which makes me feel a little bad. sorry trav.