Onlooker - Follow Me Down

delayed 07/23 post
New mix by Travis

I recorded some banjo* to replace the linear acoustic part during the second chorus. Then I added some harsh banjo strumming to the space out. Oh yeah, i then thought I'd try out one of the mic's travis shipped (so generously) to raleigh. Because i am mostly lazy but also eager to get beyond setup and into recording, i chose little Teaball mic - it's a condensor inside a teaball with a 1/4" plug in the back. I pressed it up against my throat to get some tonal groans (how else to explain that?) - these also take place during the space out; travis was wize enough to keep them simple and mix out most of their annoying repetitious line, to the benefit of the part. I can't tell if he likes it when i fool around and send him stuff like that. I wonder if he thinks "what the -? okay brandon, whatever" only to create something worthwhile out of it.

The acoustic guitar(s) and the porch rainfall were recorded through an mxl 990 and an ART mic-pre. The synths and electric guitars where all sent through my LabSeries L7 (not at the same time) and recorded with a cheap-o 57 look alike.
Don't remember what i recorded the vocals with (i had my eyes closed!) - probably the CAD that travis sent down.

I love the way travis mixed the vocals here. The placement and levels on the second verse make it sound like there's a third middle harmony that is added - there is actually only a doubled lower harmony added and a reverbed double of the melody buried in there.

After i sent it to travis, he jumped right on it and mixed it correctly. He also did some tweaking to the vocals. Overall i think it's a huge improvement on the last version.

* standard G tuning - stripped the peg on the drone as i was tuning that, so the 5 is now a 4 string, which makes me feel a little bad. sorry trav.

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