Poles Apart - Out The Window

Out The Window

Me thinks this might be close to being finished. There is still some noise on some live instrument tracks that bothers me.

The intro was shaved off per the duscussion below.
i removed some of the reverb (how could i tell? there is still alot there!) to bring the vocals to the forefront a little better.
still one of the more mellow songs that roy and i have done.

I think the lyrics mean more to me than they show. When I listen to it, i tend to think visually of the sidewalk at Franklin and Person where it's always so freaking hot when i walk home and the car exhaust feels like it's teaming up with the humidity to suffocate me and you can see me (if you watch) pick up the pace because i need to get home as soon as possible to take my medicine; and it all feels a little futile when i get home, because i've taken this walk and a walk everyday in order to get better and maybe i won't need the medicine anymore, but the weather just keeps getting hotter and it all feels so heavy on my chest - both literally and figuratively.

{Maybe in five years, i'll read the above and take a closer listen to this song.}

Roy's moving right now and has been a little busy with that. There might be additions/subtractions later if needs be.

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