Close closed for now

i haven't posted in a while because i've been avoiding this particular topic

Close is in a period of extended hiatus.

Vince needs to take time to work on his own things and be a daddy to his two kids.
All of the material we had been coming up with was very difficult to maintain and remember due to a lack of interest and probably because it just wasn't that great. After we put the acoustic guitars away, theings got a little strange - forced, you know. trying really hard to achieve great songs without actually writing any.

This time away will be great (obviously for him because his kids are cute as hell) because songs need to be written and ideas need to cultivate so that we have something exciting to bring to the table.

I bid a fond - a very fond - farewell to the era of Close that is now over. We made some great songs and didn't get to record some of them better ones (Dog Bowl, Parachute). We did put together a cd - i'll probably post links to those files. no energy for the process of ripping and ftping right now.

Vince and I play really well together and i look forward to the chance to do it again.

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