Poles Apart - Digging Through Dirt

Oh Thank Goodness. Roy rescued this one from drowning in it's own waste. track sickness. too much buildupitude.
Listen here - probably much to the dismay of Roy - but i'm excited about this one again

The irony of the name is not lost on me. It was doomed from the beginning, i suppose, to suffer from grievous overdubs only to be stripped down to what is absolutely neccessary.

We are at a point with it (as expressed by Roy in an email) where the addition of an acoustic guitar will actually benefit things (i'll claim the adverb there).

From my emailed response to him:
the "dyamic break" could be a hole that is filled by a new instrument like near the begining (at 0:53 and 1:20) or perhaps the acoustic guitar you're talking about could carry on into the beats- - it might be interesting if a part (acoustic guitar or otherwise - i won't presume to write your parts for you!) based it's rythm after the impending beats so as to hail a resounding "hell yeah!" from the listener when the beats drop to the tempo that their heads have been bobbing to. or the lyrics/words could have that 1234 punch to them.

When imagining this song lyrically, I was forcing myself to imagine diggin UP through dirt. This is also an irony not lost on me.
I think now, it might be interesting to consider digging DOWN. There can be treasure, escape (from less gangster/mob/zombie endings than UPwards), china, et al. Far better possibilities than the dead end of what landed you in such an unfortunate position as digging UP would offer.

Or this could stand as an instrumental as well. regardless, the process is once more galvanized by Roy's mix.

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