Poles Apart - Digging Through Dirt

Here is yet another step in the right direction for Digging Through Dirt courtesy of Roy. Get your Quicktim up and ready - it's an m4a file:

The missing ingredients to discovering what to do with this song vocally are here in this version. Roy is giving me a lot to work with and to be inspired by. The dwiddly kepboard line at the beginning seems like it would be a perfect melody line to echo and expand on. The builds and progressions also leave just the right amount of space for verse break verse chorus format of which i am apparently fond.
There is a point about a minute and a half through that a keyboard line comes in. That is the point where everything just fell together for me when listening to it. I can't wait to get into writing for it. I've blathered about content before, but mostly that was due to not being sure about content or subject matter. now i think something will come easier for me and there wont be a need to make excuses or talk out of my ass in hopes for stumbling on something extraordinary - i know (but i never seem to use the knowledge) that this never works; i just have to let go and let it happen... which usually only happens when i am comfortable with the music (when working in this format). so now, since i'm comfy, i might pull it off (the lyrics, not my pants... i can do THAT anytime).


Poles Apart - Thaw Gains Momentum

I finally was able to get some music done tonight. I've been really busy with stupid stupid work and have been missing all the things that i love. So, in order to keep my sanity in check, i squeezed in some music making.

Thaw Gains Momentum

This was started by Roy - i linked to the version he sent to me in a previous post ("Round Up") - and was absolutely beautiful. I couldn't let meself not touch it. i like to touch it. I also like the cocteau twins. Simon's basslines are an obvious influence as are the bell sounds - i was trying to hit on victoria lands but landed closer to blue bell knoll.

lyrically, this has nothing yet. I can't tell if it would need anything. perhaps roy will have ideas after rounding out the chord progressions and possibly changing what he was hearing in his head.