Poles Apart - Thaw Gains Momentum

I finally was able to get some music done tonight. I've been really busy with stupid stupid work and have been missing all the things that i love. So, in order to keep my sanity in check, i squeezed in some music making.

Thaw Gains Momentum

This was started by Roy - i linked to the version he sent to me in a previous post ("Round Up") - and was absolutely beautiful. I couldn't let meself not touch it. i like to touch it. I also like the cocteau twins. Simon's basslines are an obvious influence as are the bell sounds - i was trying to hit on victoria lands but landed closer to blue bell knoll.

lyrically, this has nothing yet. I can't tell if it would need anything. perhaps roy will have ideas after rounding out the chord progressions and possibly changing what he was hearing in his head.

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