Selacious Crumb - Unfrocked

Today is my childhood friend Ryan's birthday. He has the distinct honor of being the only person to ever get me to play guitar naked in front of a studio audience of very kind friends (none of whom speak to me anymore, for reasons unrelated, i hope).
The video project (one of the few of his in which i had the pleasure of participating - discounting numerous highschool videos) was titled "Selacious Crumb: unfrocked." It came about in an altered giggle-fest joking about MTV's Unplugged show and what if we had a band and what if it was actually about playing without clothes instead of without amps. That was very silly. The song (how i dearly wish i had an mp3 to post) was actually very good. Travis built up some Liaka-esqu loops, i played some vey amateur shoegazery guitar while Ryan busted out the harmonica at Just The Right Moment. beuatiful.
Today's his birthday. Happy birthday ryan!

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Anonymous said...

Woo hoo, someone remembered!! Thanks Brandon. I'll try to get the Salacious Crumb video up in the not too distant future.