Magic Babies - christmas show

In gearing up for the christmas show at KingsBarcade, we'll be practicing at least once more this week, making for a Monday, Tuesday and possibly Friday. This makes me sleepy just thinking about it!
In an effort to minimize the gradeur of my space-pod (keyboard set-up, I've decided to eliminate the Yamaha. The only song i was using it for was the Kinksy Song (title?) for a really obnoxious flute sound, which i'll be replacing with a Melotron flute plug-in when i get my midi controller. For the Saturday show, I will be using the Firman (spelling?) organ with the percussion draw bars open. Sounds a bit different, but I can stack the Organ on top of my Wurlitzer and not have the Keyboard rack boxing me in. This also leaves room for my amp and guitar. That's right - i get to play guitar on a song; we're covering a Hollies song. I'm playing a slide guitar through an ass-ton of reverb - really sloppy like on just a g-formation chords. The production of the original sounds like it must have inspired Kevin Shields - that's the only way I can accurately describe how it sounds when the intermittent chords slide from one to another. It's fun to try and mimic Kevin Shields while staying in the vein of out 60s pop-psych-rock thing.

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