independence day

not much going on tomorrow for the big day o' freedom. I think most festivities will take place in or around our house.

today i walked a mile and a half in 27 minutes. dang! i mean business. i was actually trying to make it to a bus stop for the first third of the trip, but then decided to just keep going. I was on the way to pick up my car from the service shop. A light had turned on saying, "service engine soon." i didn't for a long time because sometimes it gives up and stops telling me that. but, because of it's persistence, I failed my vehicle inspection. okay okay service engine now. the service shop flipped off the light and said, "sometimes it will do that. on your way now sonny."
"how much?"
"nothin'" [continues to read newspaper]

surround sound is up. friend brian wants to have a listening party. i'm all for it. we'll have to distract the ladies so that we don't get teased.

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