More Drought photos

I've posted more drought photos at my flickr site.

These were taken December 19th during and after a light rain.

the cove's a beach now

This is the cove that i referred to a few posts back. It's a decent representation of what's happening, you can see the high water line versus the low trickle of runoff in the wide expanse that used to be a lake.
This is from the lower part of Falls Lake which, as bad as it is already, gives a sugar-coated look at the drought. This is downstream. Like the bottom parts of an ice tray, it has the most water on average... I think. Further upstream at the marina (where the buoy picture was taken) does look far worse.

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No swimming

I should be 6 feet under

The buoy on its side was attached to an anchor with about a 10 foot line. Observe the evil monster Water Tower slurping in the distance.

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gulp. no gulping

Falls Lake is a series of fingerlike coves taht have been reduced to a hint of their previous life as the Neuse Riverbed. Mid Frame to the right is a patch of formerly submerged land that stretches at least as far as the right edge of the frame.

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Raleigh's dwindling water supply.

Falls Lake's water level is down considerably. These stumps, are supposed to be meters and meters beneath the surface. I am pretty sure they are remnants of vegetation that was there before the Nuese River was dammed to create this reservoir. I'll upload other photos that show more of the low levels than this ironically aesthetically pleasing pic.

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