Close - Fill Dirt first stage

Vince let me play producer on a song he brought to Close. It was almost exactly perfect with just his guitar and voice, I argued. With that in mind it was pretty hard for me to figure out what i could add; so, I took to the role of record producer and tried to corner exactly what i loved about the way it was sounding. It turns out that it was simply the room - my 10x12 wood floor minimally decorated "studio."

When we were testing mic placements for his guitar, he couldn't help but sing... which sounded awesome. I decided we should try - instead of recording both guitar and vocal performances together because i must needs tweak and mix - we should try recording the guitar and then keeping the mic placement and body position (on the chair and in the room) the same as if bother were happening simultaneously. The combination of two separated tracks bouncing waves around a room should in theory be the same (mostly) as a single performance, no? I thought and was hoping so.

It turns out to have worked or at least achieved a nice sounding effect.

The bass line i had written on acoustic guitar and it just wasn't working as a recorded track. too much finger noise and not enough notes! Admittedly, my solution to go direct in with an electric bass (thanks to Charles again for the loner) was hastily executed - read: not sure of part and not quite tuned. This will be fixed, adjusted, or dropped. dunno yet.

I added pump organ to facilitate a dramatic swell. It has the added boon of being percussive.

Overall, I think i "got there" with what i was hearing when vince first brought the song. The feeling/intent is so much more real than imagined now and definitely worth a click to listen, i think.

Fill Dirt - rough mix 04/30/08 - right click + save as, or just click to play in browser