close - burned re-entry - scratch vocal rough mix

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i have a long time love of the song "Song of the Siren." I wanted to make a response. I may have failed there... but I needed to start somewhere.

FOr the longest time, this song only had the words "grow back legs and crawl back to the sea." The more i developed this idea the more it sounded like a rant against creationists, which is fine by me... but it didn't fit the tone of the guitars. the original guitar tracks (here - http://www.bsidedesign.com/blogger/audio/SloppySeconds_Mixdown(062508).mp3 ) felt very erm... seaworthy? This Mortal Coil is probably to blame here. You see, I was one of those guys in high school and college. I lived and breathed 4AD records (and missed a lot of other great things as a result, for sure).

So i thought about a response. Or the flip side of the situation - all from the dead lovers perspective perhaps. that coupled with my obsession with my body being disposed of by burning up on re-entry. oh yeah - i've also just gotten over a 103+ fever (106 at one point,but there were exigent circumstances - caught in the rain, etc.).

LYRICS thus far:

Everything around us
that we know and love,
including you and your precious
face from above
that's staring back in awe and disbelief,
breaks away to clamor and sweet relief.

I haunt you with distraction
again and again.
I call because I'm sorry
I can't control the wind.

Moving up every ladder there was;
going out to fill the hole with some fuss;
crawling back underneath every door;
deflated, flat and empty,
back on the shore;

back at the waves;
back at the sea,
calling to me.

Back to the earth,
back to the days.
Come back to me.


i'm not sure it achieves what i want or see - but i'm also not sure that it needs to. i like being vague enough to give people good guesses.

thanks, as always, for listening. if new here - check the archives. downloads still work.

EDIT - fixed link - old link had bad permissions i think.


kiona said...

b-side: Nolan will know how to make a podcast by the end of his Kindergarten year, he'll give you a lesson at that time if you are still in need.

Brandon Whitesell said...

ahh yes... at which time I will also have taught him how to say "suck it, ma'am."