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Vince and I made some headway with a song called "arrowhead" last night. Lyrically it's a short song - Vince brought it to the table as one part ofth three song odyssey about different memories from his childhood. I can't remember what happened to the other two ;)

You won't get a preview of it in this post, because it's in a serious state of disarray - Vocals not mixed or compressed and the guitar is very very lonely.

Also, we scratched for reference two new songs. Once called Swamp Fox that could possibly start with a scronky messy guitar solo that fades away into leaving the acoustics to the the 3 verse tale of some Historical southern mumbo (I tease) - also based heavily in memory.

I think we're developing a theme/direction for this collection of songs. southern nostalgia / southern gothic. whatevs. sonically, we're onto something too.

What else did we scratch.... oh a new 2.5 minute pop sensation. natch.

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