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Stranger in a Strange Land Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein

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I would have given this five stars - in fact i was totally prepared to. I was prepped and ready, aged and defended against what had previously turned my off of and away from Heinlein in the past: his sexist pigism.

The last time I read him was in college - it was "Job" - and I was oh so sensitive, much too sensitive to recognize what passes less as sexism than it passes for setting. This time I put myself in a 50s vision of a Noir future - a future of flyer cars AND an ass-slap on dollface's hiney - and laughed naughtily at grandpa and his silly ideas and never let them get in the way of the story. The story is worth every one of the five stars available. and the discourse it provokes (I talk to myself a lot) is timeless and pertinent, as the best of Science Fiction should be.

That Fifth star was removed because, even thought Sexism is there as "future-color," our loving hero from Mars uttered some shameless Homophobic rhetoric as a coda to an two page long rant about free, unconditional love and sharing that love as your see fit. Not only did his hands-in-the-air-oh-no-not-me-with-a-dude-not-ever break the suspension of disbelief, but it complete contradicted all the allusions to the (always forgivable, I'm sure) girl on girl action.

Silly grandpa.

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