Close - Swamp Fox

As eluded to before, Vince penned another winner called Swamp Fox. It's another song in D (thanks to his new love, the open tuning).

right-click (control-click if you're on a 1 button mouse) and save this, if you like:
Swamp Fox - mix Oct. 22

There's a lot of vocal tracks in there that are not necessarily buried, but placed to add texture. Two guitars. And tuning doodle. and a chicken shake. that's it.

I enjoyed writing the harmonies for this... although i felt a little silly, like it was getting too close to the Eagles at times - but that was when they were high in the mix and up front for recording. Now they're nicely tucked away.

The hard part here was to get the guitars to be at the right volume throughout. although the part is repetitive, there are bits and pieces that were jumping out. I had to stop thinking of them as guitars and more of hypnotic loops...


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