Onlooker - shoulda posted a while back - 2 new songs (rough mixes)

93 and cry (right-click or control click for you mac users and save)
This electroacoustipop jam was named for the BPM and a Bowie song. But, if you take it a step further and infer stuff from our separate personal historys, you can paint some rather bleak possible snapshots of what this song might be about (93 was the last year we lived in Michigan). I think whatever think you imagined, though, would be more of what the song is about for you and little to do with what it means for either Travis or myself.

Acoustic guitars, Etsy pump organ, fruity loops, ebows, banjo, vocals. dig it


Follow Me Down (right click blah blah blah)
Finally finished this one. It needed a new vocal recording. I may have posted about it before; but, basically, this is a song about floods, the river styx, bad choices, futility. oh, and good times.

Acoustic Guitars, iBook's garageband string patch through LabSeries Reverb channel, banjo re-recorded vocals.

I love the end of this song - the "space out" section.

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