Close - River of Blood - demo

For posterity:
Vince and I (the "acoustic" duo known - limitedly - as Close) are going to start recording again. Here is a song i've been working on. The chord structure is solid - i just need to practice it to get it more fluid. There are lots of open chords picked in odd positions. Lyrically, I've got the first two verses as heard here:
and yes, i am beat boxing. i had some wine.

It tasted slightly of blood
and bitter consent
laying my head in this river of love
I let go

Betting the odds on a bed
and a long ride home
the tickets aren't cheap [awkward phrasing on the recording here - must fix it]
but they're going for free
just let go.
the last verse is something like this[not heard on the recording for the sake of not having to listen to me mumble over uncertain chorus]:
You heard me call your name
when they called my number
Honey, I'm sorry. I'm not coming home from this war.
The idea or image i have in my head is of someone who keeps getting shot in battle in order to get sent home to his (or her, i guess) love, no matter the risks... only to have it not work out with the inevitable head shot. or IED.

Inspired (thus far) by Alan Alda in M*A*S*H.

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