I was cleaning up my documents folder today and found  my illustrator file for my wife's halloween costume last year. She wanted to be Jaws, so based on the costume in the movie Eagle vs. Shark, I whipped up this diagram of how i thought (with my very limited sewing skills) one might assemble a shark costume. I thought it was cute, so here it is.


Brooke said...

Did you end up making the shark costume? I want to make one for myself for Halloween this year and would love to see a finished product if you made one.


Brandon Whitesell said...

Hi Brooke!
The only photo i could track down is this one:
She had actually started on it before i could get my illustration to her, so it's not quite faithful to my scheming.
Me, schemeing, as Fozzy Bear also pictured.
I'd love to see your finished product!
Take care,

Brooke said...

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for showing me the pic of the costume. Mine turned out really well all thanks to your instructions. Here's a link to a picture of me in it...http://www.flickr.com/photos/50495435@N00/4065972518/

Thanks again!

Brandon Whitesell said...

That turned out really well! Nice work!

I am tickled. Or, rather, I am bump-tested for flavor and then chomped.

coapsey said...

Thanks for posting this, I'll be attempting to make this today for an 'under the sea' party!

Brandon Whitesell said...

hi coapsey!
let us know how it turns out.
have a great time under the sea.