this is an instrumental piece.
i have a new addition to my arsenal, which has the best acoustic grand i've ever heard, except for the Steinway in Fountain Street Church... which i think may have been the last "real" piano that i really put my heart into playing. Now, i'm playing an emulator, but it's got full polyphony and every note and action is sampled. it's amazing. I wrote this piece on it to try to wake up that part of my brain again. In High School, i used to play the upright in the cafetorium all the time. I'm only just now remembering that i had written a nice bunch of songs like this. I wish i remembered how they went... I will just have to write new ones. The title, furlough is from the day off i took - a N.C. state employee furlough day. I had between July 1 and December to take it, so i figured i'd take it now before they take it away or realize that they are not supposed to PAY for furlough leave (the gov messed this one up, i think). I also spent the day re-writing a chorus for a Magic Babies song that was tragically going to be scrapped because of the lazy predictable chorus. I hope i did better - I've at least regenerated interest in it again. Enjoy the mp3 up there. sorry about the volume, i haven't figured out how to compress the piano yet (at least i don't have to worry about placing microphones!). oh yeah. the synthy bits at the tail end are there because i might extend this into a longer set. who knows.


Roy said...


Brandon Whitesell said...

oh, keep your wow. it took me a million takes and i still didn't play it "right."

thanks, though.

Charles said...

Man, that is great! So pretty. So soothing. not like state gov't decisions at all!

Brandon Whitesell said...

thanks guys.