I was cleaning up my documents folder today and found  my illustrator file for my wife's halloween costume last year. She wanted to be Jaws, so based on the costume in the movie Eagle vs. Shark, I whipped up this diagram of how i thought (with my very limited sewing skills) one might assemble a shark costume. I thought it was cute, so here it is.


Close - River of Blood - demo

For posterity:
Vince and I (the "acoustic" duo known - limitedly - as Close) are going to start recording again. Here is a song i've been working on. The chord structure is solid - i just need to practice it to get it more fluid. There are lots of open chords picked in odd positions. Lyrically, I've got the first two verses as heard here:
and yes, i am beat boxing. i had some wine.

It tasted slightly of blood
and bitter consent
laying my head in this river of love
I let go

Betting the odds on a bed
and a long ride home
the tickets aren't cheap [awkward phrasing on the recording here - must fix it]
but they're going for free
just let go.
the last verse is something like this[not heard on the recording for the sake of not having to listen to me mumble over uncertain chorus]:
You heard me call your name
when they called my number
Honey, I'm sorry. I'm not coming home from this war.
The idea or image i have in my head is of someone who keeps getting shot in battle in order to get sent home to his (or her, i guess) love, no matter the risks... only to have it not work out with the inevitable head shot. or IED.

Inspired (thus far) by Alan Alda in M*A*S*H.