Empty Vessel


An upright piano here sets up the chord structure. I used to write pieces on an upright that sounded a lot like this - back in high school and college - you know - before recording was easy and convenient.
The sound of that bass rolling up underneath a simple melody hits me hard; so what better way to launch a song about not knowing exactly who we are without each other.
I'm heavily (and obviously) influenced by Eno here. Eno's "Another Green World" and "Before and After Science" are keystones to my adult understanding of music. Referencing him here as the Next Stage (with the Farfisa and Synth) in the progress of the song sets the vector for telling a tale, i guess.
Lyrically, as with most of my stuff, you may interpret it as you wish.

Enjoy. Try placing it after "furlough" in a playlist.

Stumbling over twenty thousand lines
Settling up on the closest meaning
To put an edge on emptiness inside
Filling up each time we breath.

So much dirt the stuff I'm made of
My temper has been fired to many times
Just to break at the stress of living
Fill me up and hold me tight

Spilling over the edge
an empty light
Am I gone or am i light?
Fill me up and hold me tight


Interestingly enough, as I set to mix this down today, I wondered what a beat would sound like if it dropped in for the end chorus stuff. great idea right? whoah. that was crazy. the song's in 160bpm, so it was either going to be a wicked fast break beat or a laughable slow jam. Best to let the Bass pad keep the pace. I would certainly welcome a remix because it was, I admit, dancey and delicious - but it was a little of of my mark for this mix.