Books Without Pictures - be part of my street team!

Hello, readers.
My solo instrumental recording, Books Without Pictures, has been out for a month and a half now. I've received some great feedback and comments via email and facebook from you all. Thank you so much.

Since this is truly a solo endeavor - meaning I'm on my own for marketing, too - It's taken some time to get to promoting this collection of which i'm very proud... but terribly shy about. I'd like your help in spreading the word about this admittedly hard to market album.

I've made the album available to stream for free over at SoundCloud.com or on my blog. If you've streamed it and enjoyed it, I would appreciate a review or rating at  iTunesemusicamazon, or store of your choice.
Naturally, i'd REALLY like it if you decided to purchase the whole release from iTunesemusic and amazon (as a real CD even!).
I would most sincerely appreciate any reviews or ratings on any of these sites. Your votes/ratings/reviews will help me promote this to a larger audience - it's just me here... hopefully it can be just me and you, too.

Here's a (long overdue) explanation of the album:
I was struck by sudden and maddening inspiration to capture sounds, melodies and strategies that were running around in my head and had the unique privilege of actually having the time to capture them. I only had the slightest idea of what I wanted these songs to sound like when I started them; but one by one they began to take shape - a real shape - one that had faces, emotions, plots, twists, turns, ups and downs. 

After these tracks started to accumulate, I caught onto their trend - their pattern - they were representing a vague sense of maturity through process, performance and arrangement. 
When we all grew up to start reading books without pictures, we stepped into a realm of guided objectivity - pictures are painted in our minds by our relationship with what is happening on the page. It is my hope that "Books Without Pictures" can give you just that sort of experience with melody and arrangement.

Thank you so much for listening and for being my "street team" by spreading the word and writing a review.
I'll make it up to you with a new free track very soon.


P.S. I broke all the links to the old horrible mixes (leaving the commentary intact ) of the tracks from "Books Without Pictures" on this blog. You'll thank me later.