the rounding up of crickets

From the looks of things here at my blog, you'd think things have been quiet with me. If you follow my twitter feed or are a facebook friend, you might have noticed a severe decline in activity. NEVER FEAR! I've been busy as ever with all things personal, professional and musical.

The personal stuff, to quote a drea friend, "isn't blog-worthy." So, you don't get that - it's not why you read this anyway.  I should like to my lady's store, though. www.eponaandoak.com. First Fridays there have been great! 

Professionally, facebook friends will have an inkling that the job was in jeopardy but is now "safe." I work for the State. We're havign budget problems. My particular position looked redundant on paper. Believe me, it's not. This place would crumble without me - so I like to think. Now i get to see some projects through and move to the new Green Square Complex next year-ish. (Providing the budget doesn't...well, you know...)
Musically, is where the fun stuff is. The Magic Babies had practice space troubles - flooding, crap landlords, theft, fire, you name it. So we packed up and moved out. We've been taking some time to write and try to get excited about our sound again. Playing the same songs for a year and a half can make them not the best part of practice (that falls to story telling and hanging about). So the writing is happening, and it's going well.

Close hasn't really gotten together in a while. we both got too busy and fell off. I feel like it's an open-ended project that we'll both get back to. I still have to release the EP "Shrugging Off Reincarnation" it comes up on random every now and again - not too bad!

In exchange for doing my album art for "books without pictures," I gave Roy my voice for one of his Offish tracks. I just got a copy of that EP emailed to me. Very nice collection. I hope he puts it up for release/purchase/download somewhere - i'd love to share. His style is very sparse. My vocals have new.  He send me his instrumentals and a series of pictures with the title. I interpreted his idea into lyrics and it worked, apparently. Not a Poles Apart song, but definitely got the wheels turning again.

Travis and I (onlooker) haven't done much besides move our site over to bandcamp. He's been busy raising the most adorable baby girl on the planet. 

I've been asked to score a handful of scenes in an upcoming Indie film out of Durham. I've read the script, met the director and seen an extended trailer and footage. None of these disappointed. I am very excited about this project and can't wait to see where it goes. And what I end up creating for it! I'll get a "scored by" credit, i think. And possible residuals from soundtrack sales, i hope.

The Chapel Hill band, Erie Choir, asked me to add some piano to their recordings. It was a great experience learning the songs and hitting the studio. The 100 year old upright piano at the studio was inspiring and definitely influenced my playing. The songs were kind of Costelloy-Kinksy. Horns and everything! Look out!

Lastly, "Books without pictures" has sold a whopping 5 copies and been streamed about 30 whole times, probably by me. I, obviously, have been having a hard time getting the word out... I'd rather make music than try to convince people to listen to it. That part feels slutty. 

Thanks for bearing with the long catch-up post and the silence in-between. More posts of the less-lengthy variety will follow now that this initial round-up is finished!